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God always loves you as you already are.

We are constantly asking ourselves the question, “is this worth it?” It happens when we’re comparing cell phones and data plans. It happens when we’re deciding whether to go to the gym or stay at home. It happens with nearly every purchase we make. Our brains are awesome at calculating worth by comparing one thing to another. So it makes sense that when we think about ourselves, our brains do the same thing. We make comparisons, assess features, and determine a value—we figure out where we measure up next to everyone else.

It can be a painful process. That’s why, when we hear that Jesus said, “love your neighbor as yourself”, we want to ask if we heard Him correctly. Because we’re pretty good at comparing ourselves and criticizing ourselves, but loving ourselves? That’s harder— maybe impossible. But what if Jesus saw something in us that we don’t? It’s possible that, in all the comparison and calculating, we’ve missed the very thing that was meant to give us the most value in the first place.

See you for week 2 of the Wired Message series on Wednesday night!