WIRED WEEK 3: Wires Crossed

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WIRED: Wires Crossed

If you want to connect with God, be in community with people.

Complicated. It’s the best word to describe any relationship. Even with the best of friends, a wrong word, a wrong look,
a single miscommunication and things can get awkward quickly. The same is true for coaches, classmates, and especially family. No matter how good things are, it seems we’re only one misstep away from an explosion.

That kind of pressure is enough to make anybody want to hide in a cave and watch Netflix. But from the very beginning, God makes it clear that we weren’t wired to be alone. In fact, Jesus goes so far as to say that we aren’t just wired to be in community but we’re wired to love our community—that loving Him and loving them are connected. So while some days it may sound nice to live on a deserted island, we’ll never be who He made us to be if we aren’t connecting with those around us. Yes, it will certainly be messy, complicated, and confusing, but we can be sure that loving the people around us as we love ourselves will always be worth it.