You are not going to want to miss the OUT OF THIS WORLD edition of The Parent Cue newsletter!

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This month’s edition will catch you up on our brand new student message series, “Out of This World” and includes a great sample Cell Phone Agreement that you can use as a guide (or use “as is”) to have a conversation with your student about your family’s cell phone rules. There’s also a link (that’s unfortunately broken) to a great interview with Pastor Andy Stanley about Middle School parenting… but no fear, we’ve embedded it for you below…

We’d love for you to find some time to watch the entire video, but if you only have a few minutes, here are the starting points of a few key conversations that nearly every parent faces with their son or daughter.

• Sex (begins at 1:01)
• Technology: (begins at 4:48)
• Freedom and Independence (begins at 9:14)

Download this month’s edition of THE PARENT CUE [PDF].