Van Hoesen’s and ENCOUNTER Update


David and Carrie Van Hoesen

First, if you hadn’t heard yet, we want to let you know that David and Carrie Van Hoesen are stepping up and joining the teaching team for our Wednesday Afterschool Program (ASP) and Rally Services! Pastor Shawn approached them this last week and asked if they would be interested in leading a separate teaching and small group time for the senior highers. They prayerfully considered and we are very excited to let you know that they said “yes”!

David is also going to be joining forces with Riley Elliott in helping with team activities and challenges for the ASP and both of the Van Hoesen’s will continue to plan the great events they have been hosting for the last month, too, but we are going to schedule them once-a-month going forward. We’ll explain that more after the next big announcement…


Sunday Night ENCOUNTER

Starting this coming Wednesday night, the format of our Sunday nights is moving from the “event” format that the Van Hoesen’s have been leading this last month into more of a discipleship night. In other words, Sunday evenings are going to be promoted to students who want to go deeper. Students who have already sold out to the idea of following after Christ and want to get serious about taking their faith to the next level. No fluff. Just real, relational, gut-level discipleship.

These evenings will include prayer times, intimate worship, group discussion and student ministry. Students who attend Sunday Night ENCOUNTER will be given free copies of the Youth Walk (YW) devotional magazine and encouraged to read it as part of their personal devotional times. We will take some time sharing with each other, each week, what God has been speaking to us through our YW readings and during the school week. All youth group ages (junior and senior highers) are welcome to attend, but it should be noted that these nights will be intended to take students deeper and will be a bit more serious in nature.

Sunday Night Outreach

Team Challenge Night

As mentioned above, we still plan on hosting once-a-month events on Sunday evenings, too. The recent ministry nights that have included themes such as this weekend’s “Team Challenge”, and other weeks like “Speed Gaming”, “Mystery Dinner” and the “Banana Scavenger Hunt” will continue, but be more spread out for the following reasons: 

  1. We want to utilize these types of fun/creative events to attract new students and give students something to invite their friends to evangelistically.
  2. To plan out and promote these events to build excitement, allowing for farther reach and giving students more time to get out invitations.
  3. To somewhat limit bigger events to both honor family calendars, extend our ministry budget and also make these types of events more “special” by spacing them out a bit.

So, for clarity, 3-to-4 Sunday nights a month (depending on the month) will be the discipleship-focussed Sunday Night ENCOUNTER evenings. One a month, we will continue hosting the themed/fun nights.

We think this is a lot of great news and a lot that we have to get excited about! But we want to hear what you think. Do you agree?