Advent Family Devotional

We are always looking for ways to support families and interaction with your children about their spiritual growth. Here’s a FREE resource that we want to provide you with for the holidays — a 25-day family advent devotional with lots of great elements…

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One of the struggles many of us have at Christmas is truly keeping Jesus at the center of the season. This isn’t to say we don’t do things for Him, or not acknowledge this is a “holy” season based around Him. Yet, as we are running around, really taking time to truly reflect can been a challenge (especially as your kids get older.) So this year, we want to help you look at the Names of Jesus with your family. There are so many amazing descriptions of who He is. We call Him by many titles and descriptions, but do we take the time to reflect on these as we revel in the truth of His birth?

The goal is not to be overwhelmed by one more thing to do, but to have several simple interactions that reinforces this month of celebration. It is set up so that you can have a meaningful interaction daily without a lot of prep. HOWEVER: There is an optional, more time consuming, activity for weekends. These will take a little extra work and you will want to look ahead to anything written in red for activities that might take some extra time.

As you read through the daily interactions, there will be different things each day to get you connected. Sometimes it might be a video you watch, other times a simple activity or even a game. There will be suggestions of questions to ask, and a guideline that you can talk through.

Download the FREE eBook here [PDF] and let us know if you plan on using it. We hope it is an excellent resource for you this season!