OUT OF THIS WORLD: World of Knowledge


Where your thoughts go, you go.

The mind can be a crazy thing. It gives us weird dreams, random thoughts, and crazy ideas seemingly out of nowhere. A lot of times, we just sort of let our minds wander because it feels like we don’t have much control over our thoughts. But maybe that’s because we just don’t spend much time really thinking about our thinking. Have you ever considered what your life might look like if you started putting a little more thought into your thoughts?

The way you think on the inside plays a huge role in how you behave on the outside. Negative, uncomfortable, or even untrue thoughts can lead to the same kind of behaviors. And who wants to live like that?

As we close out this series, we look back one more time to Paul and his thoughts on thinking in the book of Philippians. He points us to where God wants our thoughts to go. And when we start thinking in an out-of-this-world way, the whole direction of our lives will begin to move in that direction as well.