In Jesus, we get Someone who gets us.

This week, we party! If you hadn’t heard we’re having a Buddy-the-Elf Christmas party to celebrate the season and our last Afterschool Program and Rally Service of the year. You can check out the details here if you missed it.

Elf Party

But we’re also gonna have a worship time and short message and we are going to ask you to think about your best friend. It’s probably someone you think is pretty awesome, right? They like the same things you like, they really make you laugh, they text you nonstop, and of course, they ‘like’ all of your Instagram pics. You probably feel like they really get you—and that’s a great feeling.

When it comes to friendship, we’d all like to be close to someone who knows every part of our story—even the worst parts—and loves us anyway. But if you really think about it, can that kind of friend exist? Nobody is perfect, but what we’re looking for is the perfect friend. And the truth is even the very best friend can’t be a perfect friend.

The good news is we do have access to Someone who truly gets us—Someone who has the ability to be the perfect friend to us. Looking back at the Christmas story, we’ll see how God reminded Mary and Joseph of the kind of friend He was to them and the lengths He would go in order to truly be the friend who understands everything about them. And through their story, maybe you’ll begin to see that He feels the same way about you.