UNEXPECTED Week 3: Power Source


POWER SOURCE: The Holy Spirit helps you follow through

Have you ever made a New Year’s resolution? There’s just something about a new year that makes us want to do something to make this year different or better than the one before it. The problem with resolutions is that we hardly ever keep them! And if we’re honest, we probably don’t think it’s that big of a deal when we don’t.

Maybe that’s why we’re so hesitant to create goals that involve our faith. If we fail to meet that goal, we’ve not just let ourselves down—we feel like we’ve let God down, too. Jesus’s disciples often felt a similar kind of pressure when it came to following through with what He called them to do. The things He asked of them sometimes seemed impossible for them to actually do on their own— and they were! But as we look back to the book of Matthew, we’ll see that Jesus left His disciples with an unexpected source of help to follow through with anything He called them to do. And what’s even better, He gives us access to the same, so that nothing is impossible for us when we’re with Him.

That’s good news! We’ll talk about it this Wednesday night. See you there!