King’s Ball Highlights and Photo Booth

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If you attended the King’s Ball event, you know how great of a night it was… amazing food, great speakers, lots of fun activities, friends, a glow stick dance party to close out the night, and much more. So many students were prayed for and heard God speak into their hearts about their identity and who they are, and on a very real and personal level.

Many thanks and much respect to Riley Elliott, one of our very own students, who came to us back in November, asking if she could take on and lead this event for her peers. What an amazing passion for God and her peers! And also Mikquel Matherson, who assisted Riley, and came up with the original vision for this event with her husband, Justin, two years ago. It’s exiting to see your dream carried on! Justin and Kristy Gingerich were the guest speakers for the evening and wasted no time speaking directly to the hearts of those attending.

Check out some highlights from the evening…

Also, if you had your photo taken in the photo booth, feel free to browse through the pics below to download a high quality digital copy. Just right click and save the photos you want to keep! 

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And lastly, we just wanted to share these comments from some of the leaders attending the event. This is why this event is being celebrated and hosted by Pine Valley! Just read…

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Thank you to everyone who supported and/or volunteered at the event!

If you came to the King’s Ball and this was your first time at Pine Valley, please visit our ABOUT page to find out more about us and our weekly services and programs for teenagers. We’d love to see you again!