DATEABLE SERIES: Week 3, Practice Makes Perfect

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Becoming someone > Finding someone.

Everyone has a list. You know the kind of list we’re talking about: the list of likes and dislikes. The list of qualities you want in someone you date. Maybe your list includes characteristics like smart, funny, and attractive. Maybe you want the person you date to be confident and strong. Do you want them to be a football player? A musician? A supermodel? A Christian?

No matter what your list includes, when it comes to dating, we’re all looking for the person who meets all of our criteria—the right person for us. There’s no specific formula in the Bible to tell us just how to go out about finding the right person. But God does give us instructions about something even more important for our dating lives: how to become the right person. And when we begin to shift our focus away from finding to becoming, we’ll find ourselves more dateable now and more dateable later when the right one comes along.