STEPPING UP, Week 2: Who Am I?


Who God is matters more than who you’re not

Who are you? Have you ever thought about how you’d answer that question? A long time ago people were known by a label that went with their name. Alexander the Great. Richard the Lion Heart. Winnie the Pooh. So when you’re asking yourself that question— who you really are—you’re essentially asking yourself what adjective goes in your blank.

Who do you think you are? Because who you think you are directly impacts everything about your attitude and performance in the face of challenge. Unfortunately, for a lot of us, we tend to focus less on who we are and more on who we are not. As we pick up with Joshua this week, we find him in this exact same position—unsure of who he who is. And to help him step up, God gives him a pep talk of sorts that not only helps him discover who he is but, more importantly, whose he is.

We’ll see you at this week’s rally service!