Echo ELN Student Take-Over

Next week, Wednesday, March 23rd, we have invited 6 students from ECHO ELN (Foursquare’s Emerging Leader Network) in Thornton, CO, down to take-over our Afterschool Program. They will be leading the team challenges, helping with worship, and finishing off our #SteppingUp message series. Pastor Shawn worked and served closely with the ECHO program as a recent pastor on staff at NorthRock Church and couldn’t think more highly of the program, it’s students, and it’s director, Debbie Mares, who will also be joining us for the evening.

Please watch the video and if you are a junior or senior, consider the ECHO program after high school. We have seen so many students grow tremendously in their faith and foundation in Christ. It’s an immersive discipleship program that touches the HEAD (education and mind), HEART (identity and calling) and HANDS (practical hands-on training) of every student that attends. The fruit we’ve seen from it has been amazing!

If you’d like to know more, please let Pastor Shawn know or connect with the students next week.