STEPPING UP, Part 3: Wall Street


God knows what He’s doing, so keep walking.

Most of us probably hated being told what to do when we were growing up. Even if you weren’t a hardcore rebel, you still probably didn’t like being ordered around, especially if the order made no sense to you. Being asked to do something that you can’t fully understand or explain is frustrating.

Chances are you’ve probably had that experience with something God says to do as well. We’ve all had those moments where we heard something in church or read a Bible verse or had someone tell us something about God and we just weren’t quite sure about it. Maybe it didn’t feel comfortable to us. Or we didn’t understand why God would say that or ask that of us. But we’re not alone in that thought. Joshua found himself in the same position as God asked him to do something that made no sense at all. And what Joshua learned—and what can learn with him— made all the difference as he stepped up and stepped into a new adventure.

These five students — 2 from Pine Valley NextGen and 3 from The Roots youth ministry in Durango — STEPPED UP this weekend…


God put it on Riley Elliott’s heart to gather a few students and prayer walk (or treasure hunt) around the city of Durango. They met downtown and just asked God to lead them. Ask Riley or Maddy Jacques about it this week. God took them into some pretty cool conversations and situations.

So anyhow, don’t miss this Wednesday night. Remember, the ECHO students will be with us and taking over the program. It’s gonna be grand!