PLOT TWIST, Session 2: Parents Just Don’t Understand


God gets you.

Everyone loves a superhero story. A regular person with regular abilities has a regular life that everyone sees in one way and then suddenly—PLOT TWIST! Something happens and that seemingly regular person develops a special power and becomes someone different. What’s interesting is that even as we get to watch them leap tall buildings, fight the bad guys, and save the world, those closest to them don’t know who they really are. Life goes on as if nothing has changed. And while we may not be super heroes, we all know how that feels. Your family sees you in a certain way, but, deep down, you know you’re someone else. They don’t see you the way you really are. And the bottom line is this: you feel misunderstood.

The story was just the same for Paul. While we know him today as one of the most famous Christians of all time, back in his day he was known as someone completely different. In fact, the more devout his faith became, the less those around him understood who he truly was. Looking into Paul’s experiences provides us with the truth we need today to know that there is someone who will always understand us and — lucky for us — it’s the One whose opinion matters most.