We Are Young Series Promo

Have you ever been around an older person who talks about what it was like to be young? They reminisce about the music they listened to, the lack of responsibility they had, the freedom they experienced. They almost always talk about being young as if it’s awesome. And for the most part, they’re right. Being young is awesome. You don’t pay taxes. You don’t have to understand insurance. And someone, other than you, buys you snacks. It’s a pretty good set up.

But there are some tough parts to being a student too. For starters, there’s school—and subjects like Geometry. Then there’s the feeling that people are ignoring you or treating you like you don’t matter because you’re younger. In fact, maybe one of the toughest parts of being young is feeling like you don’t count yet, like you can’t be heard or respected or even helpful until you’re older. And it’s frustrating because deep down it feels like that shouldn’t be true, like there’s something wrong with that system.

If you’ve ever felt that way, you’re in good company. As we take a look at two letters from the New Testament written to a young church leader named Timothy, we find out how to keep anyone from looking down on us just because we are young.


Parents and guardians, this is for you! Want to get a little bit more background about the message series and some additional tools and resources to take it further? Download this month’s edition.

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