Afterschool Program 2016-17

Junior High ASP splash

This year’s after school program up stairs is going to be ALL ABOUT the junior highers! 

If you were a student last year, you heard us talking about shifting the focus to another night for our senior high students. That is becoming a reality with the launch of the Afterschool Program this year. You can find out more about our senior high program on Thursday nights here.

If you are new to our Afterschool Program, student(s) can expect to get off the bus at 3:40 p.m. for some relational chill time for the first 25 minutes or so. We’ll have a snack waiting — gratis! — and additional snacks and drinks available for purchase at our snack shack.

  • After students have had some time to unwind, check their social media, and catch up with each other, we’ll kick off the night with some fun activities and/or team challenges. Think lots of laughter — maybe a little craziness sometimes — but always lots of fun!
  • That will lead us into a time of worship, where we’ll bring our focus to Jesus, and spend some time together in song and word, declaring who He is in our lives.
  • From our worship, we’ll be dismissed as a group for dinner — a full hot meal, cooked fresh every week by our in-house staff.
  • After dinner, we’ll join together for a closing session, where we’ll share a teaching or topical discussion from scripture, to challenge our students to live their lives for the glory of God.

We’ll mix it up from time-to-time to keep it interesting and fun, but that’s our general schedule.

All students must register in order to participate in Pine Valley’s Afterschool Program. Register Online Here.

If you plan to ride the bus running from the junior high to the program, you must also fill out the Bayfield School District Afterschool Bus Form.

All that said, we do want to still include our senior high students in Wednesday night activities, should they have the desire. Introducing our Senior High Leadership Program…


Several of our senior high students are already plugged in and serving on Wednesday nights — and frankly, we need them! The program couldn’t run without their help.

So with Pastor David Van Hoesen’s leadership, we are going to develop our senior high students that are serving on Wednesday nights by including them in every part of the evening that we can. And we’ll also use Wednesdays as an opportunity to disciple and mentor these young leaders that are giving up their Wednesday nights to serve our Afterschool Program.

Wednesday nights won’t be for all of our senior highers — just the ones that are committed to fully give themselves over to growing and serving in our Leadership Program. For those that are simply looking for a service of their own to attend, Thursday nights are for them!

We know there is a lot going on with the launch of the Afterschool Program this year. If you have questions about any of it, please feel free to contact Pastor Shawn or Pastor David anytime.

We look forward to a great year! See everyone very soon!