“Another Christmas Story” Message Series

It’s Christmastime.

Nativity scenes are everywhere. You know, Mary, Joseph, shepherds, angels, and the drummer boy (who wasn’t actually there).

Maybe you grew up seeing these scenes and wondered what they were all about. Or maybe you’ve heard the story a million times. Either way, there’s another story we bet you haven’t heard, characters you barely know, scenes you don’t see in the plastic nativity on your neighbor’s lawn. As we explore two often-untold parts of the Christmas story, we discover that God had something bigger in mind from the very beginning. And, just as it was true for those at the first Christmas, He may just have a bigger story in mind for us as well.


This month’s edition of PARENT CUE — a short newsletter for parents/guardians that goes along with the theme and idea in our message series — includes a great article from Reggie Joiner along with a few practical ideas to share stories and create new holiday traditions in your own family. Download it here [PDF].