Upside Down Message Series


Have you ever thought something worked one way, only to find it didn’t?

Like maybe, as a kid, you thought the bathtub drain was a death trap. Then you learned it couldn’t actually suck you into the sewer and that was a game changer. Or maybe you were sure that the closet should be avoided because monsters lived there. Then you learned they didn’t. That changed your morning routine for sure. Any time you learn new information, it can turn your world upside down.

Jesus had a habit of doing just that with the people closest to Him. He often did or said things that were the exact opposite of what anyone expected. He’d take ideas that everyone agreed with, ideas that everyone would say, “Of course, that’s just the way it is,” and He’d flip them upside down. He would tell people to do the exact opposite of what they thought. This was especially true when Jesus talked about how we treat people — specifically people who like us, people who don’t, and people we don’t even notice.

Join us for this message series as we discover together Jesus’ Kingdom UPSIDE DOWN!


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