The H2-Go! Project

CORRECTION: In the video, Pastor Shawn mentions that the money we’re raising will go to help families in south Africa. This is true for some group involved in the H2-Go! endeavor, but our specific project will actually send water purification systems to families in the Philippines. 

The Challenge

This week, we challenged our junior and senior high students to give towards a Compassion International effort called Water of Life, to provide clean water to families where it is simply not available. It’s time for us to H2-Go!

You probably already know Compassion International as a trusted organization that provides food and education to children through child sponsorships. But Compassion goes beyond individual sponsorships and partners with local churches to address the broader needs of families and communities. One of the greatest needs worldwide is clean water. Along with poor sanitation, unsafe water is the second biggest killer of children globally. That’s why Compassion is offering a simple, targeted solution. For $79, Compassion can provide a water filtering system that supplies one family a million gallons of fresh water!

This challenge offers our students an opportunity these next three weeks to give the gift of clean water to families in the Visayas Region of the Philippines by raising money for these water filtering systems. Each filter has the potential to forever change the life of a family that doesn’t have access to clean water.

Along with other youth groups across the nation, we are partnering together to raise $100,000! And we have no doubt that, together, we can do it. And a bonus—any additional funds raised with go to complementary “WaSH” projects in Southeast Asia that focus on water, sanitation, and hygiene, which can be life-changing for families.

Many people around the world don’t have access to clean water—something that we take for granted every day—but we can do something about it. We can make a difference by helping to raise money to buy water filtration systems. These filtration systems provide millions of gallons of clean water to those in need which drastically change people’s lives.


  1. This is a STUDENT challenge. We are not asking parents or guardians to be involved in this fundraising process (unless you feel compelled to). Our parents already give so much to see our students attend camps and retreats, along with supporting our fundraising efforts. That’s why we are encouraging our students to make this fundraiser personal by taking it out of their own piggy banks, allowances and paychecks.
  2. There is no pressure. All we are asking is that students be open to the suggestion — asking God how He might have them participate. We believe that God will speak directly to you about this — especially if you ask!
  3. Our deadline to receive funds is Thursday, February 2ndPlease bring your donations and put them in the project donation box during the next three weeks. We’ll collect them and let you know how much we raised!

Find out more about Compassion’s Water of Life project here.