Important Valapalooza 2017 Details

There are a lot of details that go into a great event like Valapalooza and maybe some of you are wondering what you signed up for! Pastor Shawn shares some details going into the big event weekend.


1) DOOR OPEN at 6:30 pm. If you come earlier, you will be asked to wait in the foyer area.

2) BRING YOUR TICKETS! They will be required for entry in door prizes and give-aways.

3) PHOTO BOOTH: Tickets holders will each get 1 FREE digital picture, which will be posted online for your retrieval after the event. One can purchase 5 additional digital pics for $5 and/or an 8×10 print picture for $10.

4) HORSE AND CARRIAGE: New this year! For a donation.

5) CHILDCARE: Must be pre-registered. $3 per child. Dinner is NOT included — only snacks. Please have your littles ones eat a meal before arriving.

6) STUDENT VOLUNTEERS: We need you to sign up! We’ll have sign ups available for you Wednesday night. We need 4 or 5 students to come and serve on Saturday at 1:00 pm and request all students serving on Sunday to be on-site at 5:00 pm on Sunday night. Please, also, plan to stay afterwards for 30 mins-to-an-hour of clean-up after the event ends. Many hands make light work.

7) STUDENT VOLUNTEER DRESS CODE: Students who will be serving food (the majority — we need all hands on deck) will be required to dress in black and white dress clothes. No jeans please. Black pants and white shirt. A dress. Or any variations thereof.

See you Sunday night!

If you still need to get tickets, they are on sale through Wednesday night, February 8th. More details here.