Viral Message Series (HSM)

Have you ever seen something go viral? Maybe you saw one of those videos from a singing competition show where a candidate everyone expected to be terrible ended up being amazing. Or maybe you saw a meme with the president or the pope or Kermit the frog that was totally hilarious and you just happened to notice that it had been shared over a million times. Or it’s the GIF of the weatherman reporting from the middle of a hurricane who literally gets knocked over by the wind…again and again. Or it’s any video of cats.

Even though the word “viral” originally meant something awful, like disease, it has grown to describe anything that starts small and spreads quickly. And that’s what this series is about. Picking things in our lives, the right kinds of things, to go viral—to experience something, and then share it, and have it spread, so that before long something that started small, and maybe even started with us, can end up having a big effect on the world around us.

We’re kicking off the VIRAL message series at HSM this month on Thursday nights. Don’t miss it!


Check out and download the VIRAL Edition of Parent CUE, our message series accompaniment for parents and guardians. This month features a podcast featuring Dr. Kara Powell, Reggie Joiner, and Kristen Ivy, discussing what benefits teens could experience by serving, and how missing out on those opportunities could impact their future. There is also some help on how to encourage your teen to serve. Go VIRAL together as a family!