PVN is the youth ministry of Pine Valley Church in Bayfield, CO.


We are located at: 1328 Co Rd 501, Bayfield, CO, 81122


It is our desire to impact every area of a student’s life: head, hands and heart.


Engaging in an intentional and well developed teaching each week. Students will grow in deep ways as they are equipped to understand God’s Word and who they are in Christ.


We want to utilize an in-the-trenches approach to developing a heart for loving people. We want to empower students with opportunities to discover the beauty and power of trusting in God while learning to authentically and effectively serve others.


Who you are is more important than how much you know and what you can do. Because of this reality, trusted pastors and leaders build relationship with our students, encouraging them and challenging them as they move to new levels of faith and personal development.

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Programming And Events

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