Upcoming Events


  • Sunday Morning Soul Fuel Small Group – Sundays at 8:30 am in the Library / Coffee Shop
  • Junior High Afterschool Program and Rally Services – Wednesdays from 3:40-to-6:30 pm (Senior High Leadership Program also available
  • Senior High Rally Services – Thursdays from 6:00-to-8:00 pm

Soul Fuel Small Group

Join Soul Fuel to discuss and breakdown topics that are relevant that relate to your everyday faith. Meet in the children’s ministry department Splash Room in the north wing.

Senior High Rally Service

Come and experience our senior high program on Thursday nights. There is so much in store for this revival generation! And we claim that it is going to start with us! Not only are we going to experience the joy and fun God intended for His children to have through unique and exciting games, challenges and…