Interested in serving on TEAM PV-NextGen?

Read on to see what we’re all about and how you can plug in.

Our mission is to impact every area of a student’s life: Head, Hands and Heart.


Engaging in an intentional and well developed teaching each week. Students will grow in their relationship with Jesus as they are equipped to understand God’s Word and who they are in Christ.


We want to utilize an in-the-trenches approach to developing a heart for loving people. We want to empower students with opportunities to discover the beauty and power of trusting in God while learning to authentically and effectively serve others.


Who you are is more important than how much you know and what you can do. Because of this reality, trusted pastors and leaders build relationship with our students, encouraging them and challenging them as they move to new levels of faith and personal development.

With this in mind, here’s our current :

  • Wednesday Night Junior High (JHM) RALLY SERVICE and Senior High LEADERSHIP PROGRAM – This is our entry-level service, designed to reach students who may be on the fringes and pull them in and also give students that are already sold-out a place to serve and grow within our weekly worship and teaching sessions. We want students to know that if they come on Wednesday nights, they and their friends will have a chance to accept Jesus as their Savior. We will “cast the net”, so to speak, each week.

  • Thursday Night HIGH SCHOOL MINISTRY (HSM) – Similar to our junior high services, with activities, worship and teaching, but geared for senior high students.
  • Sunday Morning SOUL FUEL Small Group – This is a group of teens that meets on Sunday mornings. The format is basically a “rubber-meets-the-road” discussions on pop culture items that are relevant to the teen’s lives and what the Bible has to say or offer on them.

We also love and value Fun Nights and Events. We are going to set a value to have one of these types of events/outings a month. For three reasons: 1) We want to utilize these types of fun/creative events to attract new students and give students something to invite their friends to evangelistically, 2) To plan out and promote these events to build excitement and allow for farther reach, and 3) To somewhat limit them to both honor family calendars and also make them more “special” by spacing them out a bit.

In addition, PV-NextGen highly values getting students out of their comfort zones, past our Americanized selfish culture and plugging them into Outreach and Missions Opportunities. We would like to set in motion opportunities for our students to engage in these types of events/trips in a 3-year cycle: YEAR ONE) serving locally in our community or region, YEAR TWO) serving in an urban setting and/or disaster relief in the US, and YEAR THREE) going across border lines to serve in 3rd world countries or overseas.


Wednesday evenings are our biggest area of need:

    • Registration (sign-in and sign-out)
    • Snack Shack
    • Audio / Visual
    • Room Chaperones
    • Security
    • Worship Team

Or you can serve as…

    • Event Chaperones
    • Admin Support
    • Prayer Support
    • Or tell us how God’s gifted you and we’ll see where you fit best!


Have any questions or concerns? Contact us.